Why Georgetown- 2014 National Champions!

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Georgetown Debate Seminar. We're delighted to revive the tradition of the Georgetown Debate Institute this summer. Hundreds of students and instructors fondly recall their intense summers along the banks of the Potomac. Georgetown's commitment to pedagogy and proximity to the intellectual and cultural resources of the capital created a unique environment that shaped a generation of policy debaters. The opportunity to revisit that legacy both excites and humbles us.

Georgetown Campus

The dates for the 2016 Georgetown Debate Seminar are June 19th – July 10th.


The Georgetown Debate Seminar is an elite summer debate workshop that
imparts the lessons and skills that helped Georgetown Debate win the
National Debate Tournament in two of the past three years.

Click on the “Apply Now” tab for the opportunity to work with National
Debate Tournament champion debaters and their coaching staff this

Georgetown’s commitment to pedagogy and proximity to the intellectual
and cultural resources of the capital created a unique environment
that shaped a generation of policy debaters. In 2009, we relaunched
our summer program with an innovative curriculum that has been refined
by the nation’s very best debate coaches at the high school and
collegiate level.

As the 2012 and 2014 National Debate Tournament Champions we are
pleased to be able to have the opportunity to share our experience,
philosophy and our campus with high school debaters. Our coaching
staff and students are committed to ensuring a quality experience for
all our attendees and we would like to share with you some of the
reasons why we think our program will help you grow.

1. Location, Location, Location
For policy debaters there may be no better place to be than in
Washington DC. Our proximity to the Capitol give our students access
to opportunities no other debate camps can provide. Over the past
three summers, many of our students had the opportunity to be present
at the Supreme Court for the announcement major decisions.  We bring
in experts on the national high school resolution to help guide your
research and argumentative strategy for the upcoming season.

The Georgetown campus and neighborhood in addition to being vital and
amazing are very safe areas. All public areas of campus are well lit
and routinely patrolled by campus police. The dormitories are staffed
24/7 with security personnel and all visitors must check in with the
front desk. All exterior doors to the dorm are locked at all times and
students must swipe their Georgetown id card to access the building.
The safety and security of our students is our top priority.

2. Curriculum
If you attend, you’ll receive at least two hundred pages of fully
briefed original topic research prepared by the nation’s best debate
researchers. This starter set will not supplant your research efforts,
but will enable us to begin practice debates immediately. Your first
debate will occur within 72 hours of your arrival.

You will participate in at least ten critiqued debates before you
depart. You will receive a minimum of one page of written feedback on
each of these debates. Each student will have a google document
created on their behalf to centralize the comments from the practice
debates and this document will be shared with coaches.

Additionally, we are pleased to again offer the “Afterlab” a nightly
session of electives that allow students to continue their debate
education and interact with the entire faculty of the Georgetown
Debate Seminar.

3. Skills Development
Each debater will participate in a minimum of six one-hour skill
sessions. These sessions will include rebuttal redos, and “speech
editing,” in which we apply the lessons that have helped our own
debaters achieve astonishing gains.

This summer, we are pleased to offer a new and innovative approach to
teaching research and file production at the workshop. Check back soon
for further details.

4. Transparency and Collaboration
Too often, debate institutes are a black box. Coaches and debaters see
what goes in – they see what comes out – but the rest of the process
is utterly opaque.

Our day by day schedule will be posted for your inspection PRIOR to
the institute’s beginning, so that students and coaches can provide us
feedback before the learning even starts.

A wiki will detail argument development as it occurs.

Coaches and other interested parties will have access to the camp
dropbox, so they can track the argumentative development process. At
the end of the session, each coach will receive a single page
detailing their student’s progress throughout the institute. If you
have criticisms or your own suggestions, tell us – we will consider
them and respond promptly to your requests. At Georgetown, you are a

23 thoughts on “Why Georgetown- 2014 National Champions!

  1. belinda says:

    Do you provide financial aid for the summer debate camp? If yes, where can you sign up?

  2. Karen says:

    Even though this is a policy camp, would you recommend this to an LD debater?

  3. interesteddebater says:

    What do I do after I submit my application form?

  4. Carmen says:

    How selective is the admissions process and what are the requirements to get in? Or do you accept everyone?

  5. Person says:

    Is there a public forum option for this camp?

  6. iris says:

    Is there a specific deadline for applications?

  7. Debater says:

    Is the meal plan covered by tuition?

  8. PolicyDebater says:

    Is it okay if I arrive at 5-6 pm on the 23rd of June?

  9. suzy says:

    Are Kritiks covered at this camp?

  10. Jordan says:

    Is there a website specific to Gerogetown’s debate team, not the seminar?

  11. Las says:

    What ages is the camp for?

  12. Sabrina Howard says:

    Is the cost different if you attend with a scholar from your school?

  13. Sabrina Howard says:

    Are you able to attend if you bring the tuition on the first day?

  14. Emily says:

    do you offer scholarships?

  15. Labs are divided by grade level and we will have 1-2 whole labs of sophomores.

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